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 American, born 1981, Haverhill, Massachusetts

A few thoughts:

-  My work is an ongoing account, a product of negotiating stimuli from everyday happenings I refer to as “visual education.”  I respond to the varied visual phenomena with forms and ways of marking. 


-  While looking at the varied human cultures of the past and present, I began to wonder how they might view and decipher a “contemporary” or present set of iconography.  Taking into account issues such as environment, Art history, and my specific place in time, I began to arrange and edit the pieces of my education.


-  As a child of the digital age, it is the infinite black of the early computer screens that shaped my sense of depth and perspective.  Together with the “stacking” of Legos and Tetris, that inspire my inclination to build and layer, I am programming my work. 


-  In coding my reflections, I’ve grown fascinated by a space of becoming; a diagram of sorts or gathering of matter - like layers of sediment forming our landscape.  My interest lies with the building-blocks of our realities, specifically, their process view.


-  Essentially, I am driven by an eagerness to clarify my relations with the creative condition, while contributing to the storehouse of expression that is our contemporary mythology.

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